Two years down memory lane

Two years ago, we had a house in Napa Valley (CA.) This little girl walked up to the house a few days before Christmas, and decided that she wanted to stay with us. We later found out that she belonged to a neighbor. She did stay, until we moved out of the house, and I ended up training her for the neighbor. Cheerio was a very special horse. This photo is when she walked up to me the very first time.


For Sale – R-Wild Horse Ranch – Ownership Deed – (Platina, California)


Our family is part owner of a 14 000 acre wilderness getaway, R-Wild Horse Ranch in Platina (CA.) We had a lot of fun there during 2013, unfortunately we haven’t had time to visit the ranch at all this year. Therefor we decided to sell our ownership. It’s not a time share! R-Wild have activities for the whole family; Shooting Range, ATV, Horseback Riding, Horse Boarding Facility (endless trails, covered arena, round pen, obstacle course, pastures, coralls), Dance, Bingo, Pool, Holiday Activities/Dinners (upcoming events are Halloween Party and Thanksgiving Dinner,) Live Music, RV Spaces with full hookups, Cottages, Motel etc. Look at the video for more info.

Contact me if you’re interested,



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The Horse as a Teacher

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“For horses can educate through first hand, subjective, personal experiences, unlike human tutors, teachers, and professors can ever do. Horses can build character, not merely urge one to improve on it. Horses forge the mind, the character, the emotions and inner lives of humans. People can talk to one another about all these things and remain distanced and lonesome. In partnership with a horse, one is seldom lacking for thought, emotion and inspiration. One is always attended by a great companion.”

  • Charles de Kunffy

The Core Value

I sat down to meditate over what I really want earlier today. I wrote a few thoughts in my diary, that came to my mind, and I would like to share them with you. I believe they pretty much sum up the core of my message, why I want to continue to take photos of horses, almost 30 years after I started to capture them with my camera. (It’s insane that it’s actually been that many years! If you have a passion that you had for many years, that only gets stronger by the year, please tell me about it! I love to listen to people that are really passionate about something.)

Why I choose to write this down today might have a lot to do with the critical situation that our wild horses in America are in right now. If the people don’t give them a stronger voice, they might be extinct in a near future. Right now the Nevada Department of Agriculture is rounding up mustangs by the day. This afternoon they captured a band that many people have a special place for in their heart. We’ve seen babies being born, and the family grow. Now they have forever lost their freedom. When they were captured today all three mares were pregnant. Their foals will never gallop the hills as free souls. Right now they are kept at the Prison Ranch, in Carson City. Maybe they will be adopted, that’s best case scenario right now. The wild horse sanctuaries are maxed out. If they’re not adopted, they will be sold at auction. We all know by now what happens to most mustangs at a livestock auction. YOU CAN HELP BY GIVING THEM YOUR VOICE.

It’s with mixed feelings, and a heavy heart I wrote down this in my diary:

“A wise Lakota woman once told that “Horses are salvation”. She knew what she was talking about. Horses are our helpers, and a medium of the divine world (sort of like a bridge.) Horses help us to stay grounded, routed to the important things in life. This is not some New Age talk, people have known this since long before my ancestors, the Vikings, walked the earth. People from all corners of the earth have realized that the horse has a lot to teach us, if we choose to listen and don’t break their spirit. Horses can teach us important survival skills, like leadership, kindness, compassion, and the importance of a family. They gladly carry our hardship for us. The least we can do is spreading the truth about their true value to the next generation, otherwise this ancient knowledge might get lost in our world of technology. My goal is to capture the essence of the horse with the lens of my camera. All horses have something to teach us, and their beauty alone is soothing for our stressed souls.”

Maybe I’ll edit this a little bit, this is straight from my diary, and maybe not very organized, but I believe I’m going to use some of this to describe my business motto. What do YOU think?

Be Well,


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