Hoofprints on my heart 4

Trigger is one of those horses that forever left his hoofprints on my heart.

He had his tongue almost cut in half, and had the shape of a bony skeleton, full of hate towards people, when we met for the first time in 2011. His transformation to a friendly, brave horse was a journey that taught me a lot about forgiveness and trust. Thank you for everything you taught me Trigger!

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Reno – Horse Event Photography



I am in the process of moving to Reno, and I will be working in the Reno area from mid November. I would love to meet you and your horse!




I can follow you to a horse event you’re participating in, and discretely take photos of you throughout the day. It could be any kind of horse event from a parade, to Barrel Racing, a Horsemanship Clinic, Horse Show, Trail Trial, Rodeo, or Endurance Race. Individual pricing depending on location, and the character of the job. Prices starting at $250/day + expenses (gas, overnight stays etc. I am willing to travel to most places.) 




Professional photos is a cheap way to make memories last forever, share special moments, build a brand, promote a business, or make an outstanding portfolio that will attract sponsors.



I am very interested in establishing partnership with horse businesses in the area; trail riding businesses, horse trainers, boarding facilities, PRO riders etc. that are interested in promoting their horse business, and/or offer professional photos to their clients. I am open to your ideas, and will work with you to make things happen! Feel free to contact me via email mmarianorthcutt@gmail.com, to set up a personal meeting, or get a quote for a customized photo session.






PS. I also do “Horse for sale” photo sessions, “Extreme Trail Riding Photos”, and “Ranch Portraits”.

Senior Horse Portrait, in color


Right now I am working a lot in black and white, so I thought I’d mix it up with a portrait in color. I really like the softness in this photo.

This was one of the first horses I met, when I first came to California. The first time we met he was standing up to his knees in deep mud, in a tiny corral. He hadn’t been out of the corral for six months! The corral was located in the middle of the deepest forest. There were no people, or other domesticated animals living nearby. He was totally isolated from interaction, except the feedings, his owner gave him on her way to, and from work. (He was well fed.)  I thought to myself, “is this how they care for horses in America?”

I was so chocked that I didn’t know what to say, just that we needed to take that horse in our trailer. His owner loved him, things had just gone out of hand. She gave him to us. I spent three months training him, until I was too pregnant to do it any more. He belongs to one of my husbands friends now, mostly eating grass on a big pasture, and enjoying life with other horses.

Diamond LOVES people, and is one of the smartest, most intelligent horses I’ve ever met. He is an Arabian/Mustang Cross, and have gotten the best out of both breeds.

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