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As you all know, horses are my passion. I LOVE all horses, but I also know to appreciate high quality when I see it. I see hundreds of horses every week, literally. All horses are fantastic in their own way. That said,  it is not that easy to impress me. Today, I was impressed. 





I was invited to Rickey Quarter Horses in Red Bluff, (CA) to meet the owner and her horses. As I slowly drive down the long driveway, nestled in the rolling hills that are so typical for Northern California, I saw colts playing at a distance. As I came closer I saw a herd of Quarter Horses roaming around, playing in a big pasture. I noticed that they all were really young, but yet so muscular and refined in their beauty. 





Some of the most AMAZING YEARLINGS I have ever seen came up to the fence to greet me. 




I spent several hours at Rickey Quarter Horses this morning, meeting all the horses in the breeding program. All their horses are out of the same stallion Skips Criterion, and a result of very careful breeding. He is the grandson of the famous Skip Sir Bar



I met 30 something horses, and was deeply impressed that they all had such great conformation, sweet disposition, and smooth gaits – they just had it all. 

I was allowed to play with those yearling colts, I saw when I arrived. Even in a group they were really respectful, attentive and enjoyed the interaction. And man, they could move! I felt like a little kid in a candy store :)


I have seldom seen a ranch that only has great… and greater horses! As I walked through their facility I couldn’t help myself from thinking, is this really true? Could it be? They were all so nice. It made me very happy to see. I enjoy being impressed when it comes to healthy, beautiful horses. Not all horses in this country are lucky enough to have this kind of upbringing.


Rickey Quarter Horses is a small, exclusive breeder, breeding for versatility and performance. I would dare to promise that this is a diamond in the rough. 




We will see more horses after Skips Criterion in the future. (I did meet him, but he was a little too busy with his ladies today.. if you know what I mean. I will get some good photos of him soon. I promise!)





Don’t you just need one of these beautiful babies in your barn?? Leave a comment below, or send me an email mmarianorthcutt@gmail.com, if you feel that you need to have one of these beauties. I will keep posting photos here on the blog. Stay tuned.

These yearlings will perform, they can go in any direction. It’s your choice! We can help arrange transportation, and even ship out of state to homes that will take these horses to their full potential.

I hope you’re having an awesome day! I sure am.





YOU can have the best horses in the world, but if you don’t have the best pictures – you’re losing money. Pictures sell horses. When you need high quality photos, of your high quality horses, it’s my greatest pleasure to help you. I LOVE MY JOB!


Two friends hanging out


Young horses playing

Many of the rescue horses we care for are not used to the company of other horses. In the beginning they have no idea of “how to be a horse.” It usually doesn’t take long before they discover how good it is to have horse friends to roam around with. Especially the young ones thrive tremendously when they get to play with other young horses. They grow mentally and physically much faster than they would of done by themselves in a small pen.

It also makes my job (helping them to become adoptable) much easier. If you have several horses of different ages together the older ones help disciplining the younger ones. They teach them manners, and to move away from pressure. Horses that are born and raised in small pens, without proper interaction/training can get very pushy when they are with people. They simply have a lot of energy exploding inside themselves, without a proper way to get it out. If they’ve never been taught how to behave around people, they don’t know that it’s a bad idea to push the human over, to get out of the pasture fast. (The grass is always very green on the other side.)

Right now there are so many rescue horses in great need in the US. When I first started to work with rescue horses I worked with each horse for a longer period of time. First ground work, and then under saddle. Now I focus on great ground manners and a happy sociable horse. A horse with great manners have a better chance of a good life. A horse that has that initial trust is much easier to train later on. That horse is adoptable. Someone looking to adopt a horse is likely not looking for a future competition horse, but rather a friend and a partner. A kind horse with great ground manners are going to catch attention. At least that’s my philosophy :)

I have been able to help more horses on their ways to forever homes since I started focusing more on this. There’s always lots of good trainers out there that can help a new owner to start their horse under saddle if needed. The process of gaining a rescue horse trust is more fragile and time consuming. I encourage adopters to visit our ranch and spend time with the horse they are interested in.

The two horses in the photos are both young rescues, that have benefited from life in our herd. When they came, they were pushy (hand fed a lot,) and not socialized around other horses. They are now best friends. They play all day long, and by watching how my horse Trigger interacts with me they learn how to be around humans.

We currently have several horses available for adoption. Located in Northern California. Email me (mmarianorthcutt@gmail.com) if you’re interested in adopting a horse, and I will do my best to guide you to a new partner suitable for you.

Have a wonderful Sunday!



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PS. We are not a nonprofit. We are using money out of our own pockets, to help horses in need. We love horses. It’s as simple as that. A major part of the income from my Equine Photography goes towards hay for the horses.





Playing catch with my boys….usually turns into a full blown tug of war.. This is our way of having fun on a Saturday morning :D 

Enjoy your weekend!







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