Truckee River RV Park


During the making of NEVADA MUSTANGS – LIVING SYMBOLS OF THE WEST we had our RV parked at Truckee River RV Park, and stayed there part of the time. We’ve been RV:ing in 24 states this year, and this park is definitely in top five when it comes to being dog friendly. The spaces are big and have lots of shade. The new owners of the park are great. The location is awesome; a short walk down to the Truckee River, a five minute drive to Boca Reservoir, ten minutes drive to Truckee, and only a 30 min drive to Reno. I love the whole area around Lake Tahoe and I haven’t really shared a lot of photos from our stay there, since I was so focused on the wild horses. So I’m sharing some photos now. Lake Tahoe is a magical place. In today’s post I will share photos from the nearest surrounding of the RV Park. Boca Reservoir and Truckee River, and later from the rest of Lake Tahoe.

Whitey and I started every morning with  a long walk at Boca Reservoir.








My husbands dog Stella, enjoyed playing in the water at Boca Reservoir very much as well :)




Truckee River2a 1


The last picture is taken right above the RV Park. There are several really nice hiking trails right at the park.

I hope you enjoy the pictures :)



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