Ranch Photography

My husband finally got his first cows. Guess that officially makes him a cowboy now. I don’t really feel like a cowgirl yet..


My husband and his business partner Sam moving cattle on a pasture.


Phil is riding Norman, a seasoned ranch horse that was very happy to be around cows again. Sam rides Diamond, that enjoy everything that spells WORK.


After today’s workout! I don’t think any of them realize that they were tired until they stopped for a minute. It sure looked like they had a lot of fun!


I haven’t showed Trigger the cows yet, I bet he will be happy to see them. That horse LOVES cows. Maybe I put him in their pasture for a week or so, to give him a chance to check them out. He always gets very excited when he sees cows. Not scared, just VERY excited.

The sun is shining in Northern California today. Hope you’re having an awesome day :)

/Maria (…soon to be Cowgirl?)

2 thoughts on “Ranch Photography

  1. Looking good Phil. Pushing cattle on horseback is a great thing to do that not so many get to do in these modern times. Super!!!

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