A couple days ago one of my friends posted an interesting article on her Facebook. It was about a horse’s swirls and how they affect the horse. Super interesting! I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it ever since I read the article.

When I bought a horse with three odd swirls in his face, several years ago, an old man (a neighbor) became very upset with me. That horse was insecure when I bought him. He shortly became like a big teddy bear with people, but purposely injured several horses.

This is a photo I took today of my horse Trigger’s face. He got some interesting swirls going on! He also has a swirl on the right side of his neck. He sometimes “locks” his neck right where the swirl is positioned! Coincidence?


Faxi, my Icelandic horse, have two neck swirls, one on each side. His neck is extremely muscular and his not very flexible at all in his neck. So far he’s not started under saddle, but I can tell from the ground that his neck is not very flexible. He prefers to move his whole body, before he moves his neck. 

Here’s the article I read http://foxpointfarm.com/Swirlology.html. It’s a couple of years old, but if she still does the swirl  evaluations I’m going to order a couple for Faxi and Trigger. It would be very interesting to see what the evaluation says about them!

7 thoughts on “Swirlology

  1. I first heard of swirl as indicators of equine personalities many years ago via an old friend Linda Tellington Jones . While I know there is some validity to this, like Parelli’s Horsenality, I tend to want to simply deal with behaviors of the horse as they arise or I discover them. This way I carry no preconceived judgement about the animal I am dealing with. I have found that proper training (including a lot of neck flexing for a stiff necked horse) will deal with whatever issue comes up. Like judging all red headed humans as having a specific personality and that’s that, i prefer to take all as individuals and not lump any into categories based on a physical trait.

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