It’s all about the horses


It’s been our goal for quite some time to consolidate our animals to one place. To be able to better see to their individual needs on a daily basis, not depending on several different people. (I could never imagine how many “missunderstandings” there can be about following directions of how to feed a horse, or an alpaca.) Well, we’re almost there. We moved Trigger and Faxi yesterday and now we have most of our horses at one place. Where I personally take care of all the feedings and their daily care. That is such a relief and a good feeling!

Faxi and Trigger loaded themselves into the trailer faster than I loaded their tack. Many things can be said about Faxi (his biggest fear is people which makes some very simple things not that simple) but he likes being asked to do things. That makes him confident, and he’ll gladly do anything he understands.


The nights are very cold here in Northern California right now. A couple weeks ago we had snow and cold weather 24/7. During that time Faxi got a beautiful, thick winter coat. That made the ride in the trailer warm for him. He was sweating. It was a short ride and he cooled down quickly on his new pasture.

I’m very happy to have Trigger here, he has a very special place in my heart. When I went out to feed the horses early this morning he was the first one to greet me. If I for some reason don’t feel on top of my world that’s the kind of moments that I picture in my head.

Wishing for peace and joy to all during this Christmas week.


6 thoughts on “It’s all about the horses

  1. God Jul Maria! Jag kan känna Faxis stora hjärta och fina energi. :)
    Och jag läste på FB om det du gjort på festen – good for you! Man måste säga ifrån ibland. Kram!!

  2. You have come gained some wonderful skills with and understanding of your equine friends. Great blessings for all. Merry Christmas!!!

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