Herd of Horses

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones! I haven’t been blogging for a couple days, I’ve been busy with Christmas preparations. I love cooking and baking everything from scratch, and it takes some time to do that.

We spent Christmas at home with some friends and good food. I love spending time at home. My wish for the new year is to be able to spend more time with my family, four and two legged :)


Since I was a very little girl I’ve been fascinated by horses. Watching a herd of horses on a pasture can be very fascinating. I can easily spend several hours just looking at them. It usually doesn’t take very long to figure out the different horses and their relationship to each other.

One of our rescue horses have been raised in a small pen, he doesn’t communicate well with the other horses and act unpredictably. He just doesn’t know how to behave, no one ever showed him. He is not a “bad” horse, he just doesn’t know what’s expected of him.

This horse shares a big pasture with two very submissive horses. Even though they are very submissive and never challenge him he keeps biting and kicking them. Today I let my horse Trigger in to that little herd. Trigger is a dominant horse and I figured that he would set things straight for those horses. It only took him a few minutes. He showed this young little rascal his place and that was it.


When a new horse are brought in to an already existing herd things can look pretty wild, but horses usually figure out the pecking order without any serious injuries. When everything is settled   they feel safe. I don’t think they care if they are high or low on the pecking order as long as their place in the herd is crystal clear. Some enjoy leading others and some enjoy to follow. Just like us humans.

Enjoy the rest of the Holiday Season!


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