Sweden’s National Day

Today is Sweden‘s National Day, and I can’t help missing home a little bit. Since I’m far away from home today, I’ll share some photos from my home country. This is my Icelandic Horse Pjakkur. I didn’t bring him with me when I moved to California, he stayed in Sweden with one of  my friends. It was very tough leaving him behind, but it makes me happy to see that he is thriving in my friends care. She is good at sending me photo updates about his progress, and it means a lot to me. I bought Pjakkur when he was two years old, and we spend many hours together everyday. Here are some of our best moments together.



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  • Franklin Levinson

    I cannot help but miss the US. I have been in Greece most of the last 5 years. I miss speaking in my native language and being able to read labels in stores. I miss the wonderful American Quarter Horses too.

    • I can relate to that. Having conversations in your native language is a gift, that we often take for granted while being in our home country.

  • Hi Maria Beautiful Horse/Jag ar ocksa fran Sverige. jag forstar hur du kanner. bra blogg foresten :)

  • Pjakkur seems like a wonderful horse; I would have had a hard time leaving him, too!

  • Svårt att lämna en god vän men han hade kanske inte trivts i hettan i Kalifornien.
    Fint att din kompis skickar uppdateringar och bilder.
    Du har säkert varit mera med om utvecklingen av nationaldagen eftersom du bott i Sverige såpass nyligen. Jag har inga som helst kopplingar till just 6 juni faktiskt.

    • Det var delvis därför som jag lämnade honom. Även om många importerar Islands Hästar till Kalifornien så verkar de inte trivas i vårt klimat. Förståeligt med deras tjocka päls och ursprung.

      Hur har du det nu i värmen?


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